President: Lisa Bennett 07584 577627

This course is on the Saturdays 4th and 11th of June, 10-4 on both days at the church. Please contact Kim via Facebook, speak to her at church, Thursday or Sunday evenings, or message her on 07816609367. There are only 2 places left. – we are currently running the course at £140 for the two days, normal costs around the country are £250 – £275.

Angelic Reiki was introduced by Kevin and Christine Core in 2004. It is a form of healing, channeled from the Angels, ascended masters, and cosmic energies.

The course runs over two days, level 1 completed on day one 4th June, and level two on day two 11th June. This qualifies you as a practitioner. The course is can be added to most healer insurances.

The attunement process is a spoken one by the tutor, which was channeled by Kevin Core from Arch Angel Metatron, and the energies produced during the process are amazing. You will be given a crystal point which will be attuned at the same time as yourself, a manual containing all the course details, and a certificate of qualification on day two. It is useful if you have already completed you usui reiki level one or have qualified as a spiritual healer. But if you really feel this is for you please speak feel free to contact Kim.