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ken's poetry


We are so proud to announce that Ken has finally got his first book published. A massive CONGRATULATIONS to Ken. It is brilliant that more people will be able to share his beautiful words.


 Light at the end of the tunnel
There’s light at the end of each tunnel
One has to open their eyes and look
Life’s full of hidden mysteries you can’t learn it from a book
Each day is a new beginning new challenges are part of life
There’s fun and there is laughter there’s sadness and there is strife
Whatever life has in store for you think positive and you will see
The light at the end of the tunnel is shining ever so brightly
Whatever challenges come your way
They happen for a reason to teach us day by day
Like the stars and moon in the night sky and the sun that shines so bright
The light from the end of the tunnel is never far from sight



Below are the links for you to purchase the book from Amazon